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What are the conditions for a beautiful profile? How to get a beautiful profile from a doctor

It is no exaggeration to say that your profile is one of the factors that determines people’s impressions, as it is often seen by people.

However, the profile is different from the front face seen in a mirror or in a photo, so it is difficult to judge how the profile looks on your own.

This time, we asked a doctor to explain the conditions and standards for a beautiful profile, as well as what you can do to achieve a beautiful profile.

Supervision: Dr. Akiko Imaizumi (Director of Imaizumi Skin Clinic, Seisenkai Medical Corporation)

Characteristics and conditions of a beautiful profile woman

There are multiple factors that determine the characteristics and conditions of a beautiful profile woman.

The presence or absence of an “E-line” is often noticed on the Internet, but in reality, it is only one point that makes up a beautiful woman’s profile, and the E-line is not the only condition that determines the beauty of her profile.

Let me explain in detail.

The face is divided into three equal vertical widths.

The most important condition for a beautiful profile is that the vertical width of the face is divided into three equal parts.

People feel beautiful when the ratio of “from the hairline of the forehead to the eyebrows,” “from the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose,” and “from the bottom of the nose to the tip of the chin” is 1:1:1.

However, since Japanese people generally tend to have short chins, it is said that a ratio of 1:1:0.7 is sufficient. It seems to give a slightly cuter impression than the 1:1:1 ratio.

The profile has a curve like a convex lens.

As a condition for a beautiful profile, it is also important that the profile has a smooth curve like a convex lens.

Specifically, when you look at your face from the side, the ideal situation is to have a rounded forehead, a high nose, and a set chin.

Therefore, a face with a less rounded forehead, a short nose, or an excessively protruding chin will deviate from the requirements for a beautiful profile.

A clear line between the neck and chin

One of the characteristics of a beautiful woman in profile is a face line with a clear line between the neck and chin.

When considering a beautiful profile, it is also important to have a clear line between the neck and chin.

A clear boundary between your neck and chin gives you a beautiful contour (face line) and makes your face appear smaller.

On the other hand, if the boundary between your face and neck is unclear, your face will look larger and you will not be able to perceive your face as beautiful in profile, so be careful.

Has an Aussie curve (smooth S-shaped curve on the cheek)

The curve that runs from the temple to the cheek of the face, the Aussie curve, is one of the requirements for a beautiful profile.

As a condition for a beautiful profile, having an Aussie curve is highly important.

The Aussie curve is the curve that runs from the temple to the cheek of the face.

Aussie curves make your face beautiful not only when viewed from the side but also from an angle.

1.What is Aussie curve?

It refers to the “smooth S-shaped curve” that is considered ideal in the world of architecture and design.

The Aussie curve is a curve that people find beautiful, so if your temples are rounded and your cheeks are bulging, you will feel more beautiful.

Aussie curves are also considered a symbol of youth and beauty, so facial features with Aussie curves will make you feel youthful even as you get older.

There is an E-line (the line that connects the tip of the nose, lips, and chin)

E-line is often cited as a standard for beautiful profile.

This refers to the “E-line” (aesthetic line), which was proposed by an American dentist in 1954.

The E-line is the line that connects the tip of your nose, lips, and chin. It is said that the ideal profile is one where this line is straight or the lips are slightly inward.

The E-line, which is one of the requirements for a beautiful profile, is the line that connects the tip of the nose, lips, and chin.

Beautiful teeth

Teeth alignment is also an important condition for a beautiful profile.

If your teeth are misaligned, such as protruding teeth or sockets, it will affect the shape of your mouth and jaw, and affect the impression of your profile.

Misaligned teeth can be caused not only by skeletal changes during growth, but also by aging.

Correcting the alignment of your teeth through orthodontics will make your E-line beautiful and will make your profile look more beautiful.

Do you have E-line or Aussie curve? Profile beauty self check

To determine whether you have a beautiful profile, start by knowing the balance of your face.

You can easily check this by taking a profile photo of your face with your smartphone and drawing grid lines using a photo editing app. We recommend having someone else take the photos.

Self-check for profile beauty taught by doctors

You can also easily check your E-line by simply placing a straight object, such as the side of your index finger or a pen, on the tip of your nose and chin.

E-line is best if your lips touch or don’t touch. Many Asian people tend not to touch their lips.

These self-checks are just a guide, so if you are concerned, please see a doctor at a beauty clinic.

I want to balance the E-line and Aussie curve.•••! What you can do to become a beautiful woman in profile

Adjust with cosmetic medicine and orthodontics

You can also use cosmetic medicine to get closer to a beautiful profile.

There are two effective ways to achieve a beautiful profile: cosmetic medicine and orthodontics.

*Includes treatments not approved in Japan, but does not recommend them.

Among cosmetic medicine, we can expect the biggest changes in surgical procedures that use scalpels (cosmetic surgery that involves cutting). Typical procedures include jaw osteotomy and silicone prosthesis insertion.

However, for those who are concerned about downtime and costs, Hyaluronic acid injection treatment(Cosmetic treatment without cutting) is recommended.

It can shape the bridge of your nose and lips, and add height to your chin, making it relatively easy to create an E-line or Aussie curve.

There is also a method to lower the mouth that protrudes from the E-line through orthodontics. However, if you have a small jaw, you may need to adjust not only the alignment of your teeth but also the jaw itself.

If you want to look beautiful in profile, consult a doctor you can trust!

If you want to have a beautiful profile, consult a doctor at a beauty clinic.

To get closer to a beautiful woman in profile, aesthetic medicine considers this, it is important to have a clear image of what you want to become.

It can be abstract, such as wanting to be beautiful, looking young, or being popular. If you have trouble picturing any of them, try pointing out the faces of your favorite celebrities.

When you tell your doctor about the image you want and the face you want during counseling, we recommend a doctor who will suggest and advise you on unnecessary treatments in addition to the treatments you need.

People tend to focus only on the parts that bother them. The treatment you think you need may actually not be necessary if you look at it objectively.

You can trust a doctor who, through counseling, suggests treatments that take advantage of your individual strengths.

Cosmetic medicine is just like going to the beauty salon or doing muscle training, and is a way to spend your days with a positive mindset by becoming beautiful.

Why not visit the clinic with the casual feeling that you want to consult first without worrying too much?

Akiko Imaizumi: A successful face, an unsuccessful face, the ultimate facial beauty technique that will dramatically improve your life. Sunrise Publishing, 2022

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